New Positions in Student Life

New Positions in Student Life

Jonathan Sperling, Dean of Student Formation, hired Moises Mora as a Residential Administrative Assistant and Meghan Woodard as Residential Director to improve communication in Student Life.

Their roles will aid Sperling in clarifying rules and setting up events for the student body.  Sperling said, “Practically what they’re [Moises and Meghan] bringing is more organization, more communication. They’re very adept at working through social media and being very quick to communicate between students and administration.”

Mora explained that his goal is to “help students understand why certain rules are what they are, kinda like a backup and support evidence, things like that. We want to show students that rules are reasonable. They’re there to help you grow.”

Woodard is currently working part-time in her position but will be full-time in September. She said, “What I’m trying to accomplish is what Jonathan also is trying to accomplish, which is to grow virtue within the students at the university so that they can impact culture for Christ.”

Sperling concluded, “In the future here, as I transfer a little bit more of that responsibility to Meghan, I’ll be able to start being more proactive in creating events and opportunities specifically geared towards student formation.”


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