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Featured Artist: Marilyn Muro

Marylin Muro is a freshman at John Paul the Great Catholic University. She is from Riverside, CA and is studying film production with an emphasis in directing. Marylin has used various art mediums such as playing music, photography, and film. “[Art] just always fascinated me and everything that it was was just another way to express myself.”

Her father introduced films to Marylin and her siblings at a very young age. These films ranged across the action-genre spectrum, mainly all the Jackie Chan movies, Rocky, The Fast and the Furious franchise, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “That was his way of spending quality time; that was his love language.”

Marylin notes her father as being a number one supporter for his children. “If you wanna learn how to play this, then I’ll buy you the instrument. Just be good at it,” Marylin joked. He is a source of motivation for Marylin in pursuing dreams. Marylin also speaks about how people at the university, in general, have inspired her in her craft. “I just meet so many people who have done so much, they’re my age, and I’m like, ‘shoot.’ So it pushes me to do better and improve myself every day.”

Marylin found her way to the university through her uncle: Fr. Luis Muro. She notes that he really loved the school due to its Catholic foundation. Fr. Muro always talked about the university and wanted one of his nieces and nephews to pursue art with a Catholic presence driving them.

Marylin talks about one of her long-term goals after graduation: pursuing a freelance photography/videography business with her sister Anel. This was a recent development as the sisters enrolled in the university. Now, the sisters have been been able to fill the gaps in each others’ skillset such as lighting and shot composition.

Right now, Marylin plans to experiment and create more films at her time with JPCatholic. She has said, on the record, that she is willing to help out on any project; her only caveat is that it has to have a good story.


Photo Courtesy of Marilyn Muro

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