Business Hub Moving to Top of 200 Building

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Business Hub Moving to Top of 200 Building

The Business Innovation Hub will be moving to the top floor of the 200 building, and a new classroom specifically for drawing students will take its current place; the move will happen over the June break.

Dr. Connolly stated that this has to happen because of the permits they have on the different buildings. “155 is approved for teaching, 200 is approved for assembly,” he said. “Drawing [classes are] a teaching exercise, [so] it has to happen in 155, whereas the Hub is not a teaching exercise, so it can happen in 200.”

According to Dr. Connolly, the drawing students have been in need of their own space for “possibly” two years.

“Everybody’s got a set of needs,” Dr. Connolly said. “One of the things that the acting students and film students are looking for is having more access to a workshop. So there’s going to be a workshop that’ll be available in the back of 155 for acting students building sets and film students building sets.”

Exclusive keycard access is also expected to be granted to the business students by the new quarter. “It’s easier to get the keycard access managed in the 200 building than in the 155 building,” said Dr. Connolly. “155 doesn’t have good internal keycard access; it was way too complicated to make it happen.” Dr. Connolly also stated that their goal is to eventually allow 24-hour access to the 200 building; this will not be happening by next quarter.

It was also confirmed by Dr. Connolly that Austin Schneider, Father Eleuterio, and Maria Iniguez will also be moving from their offices in 200 down to 220; the new Chief Development Officer will move into the office previously occupied by Austin and Father Eleuterio. He will start July 15th.

At the time of publication, Austin had received no official notice of this move. “I like this office, I think it’s highly accessible to students, which makes sense for what I do,” Austin said. “But I’m sure if they’re moving me there’s a good reason. Whatever it is, we’ll make it work.”

Kyle Lavin, a senior business student, said that it was “shocking at first and disappointing” to hear that the business hub was being moved. According to Kyle, the business students were originally promised to have the completed business hub by the Fall 2018 quarter. “My hope is that I would see a completed version before I graduate,” he said. “It’s just disappointing that it keeps being put off and now being moved.”

Photo by Rebecca Knebelsberger

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