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Cool New Koffie on Grand Avenue

Boasting a bright white, rugged interior, design, with tables in the front and a lounge in the back, a new coffee shop on Grand Avenue, Koffie Co., recently opened its doors.

JPCatholic student Ms. Emilie Petrik said, “I really love Koffie! I go there pretty frequently.” Ms. Petrik visits the shop at least twice a week, but with finals coming up next week, she has been visiting more. “I get just a regular latte, which sounds really boring but there house espresso is SO good!” She continued, “I have gotten an iced vanilla latte there before and it’s alright. But if you are a true coffee person you have to order a traditional drink and try that espresso.”

“I really love the atmosphere. It’s very modern, simple but really affective. It’s just really cool. It’s also really great to have a GOOD coffee shop in Escondido.” said Ms. Petrik. “I used to work at a competitors shop on Grand, but now I see all my old regulars I used to serve at Koffie. It’s really funny, instead of being behind a bar serving them I’m becoming a regular myself.”

Ms. Petrik added, “They have higher prices than say Starbucks or something a little more well known, but, having quality espresso and a great place to drink it, totally makes up for the price. Not to mention the people working there are so nice!”


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Photos by Rebecca Knebelsberger

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