New Formation Groups for Men and Women

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New Formation Groups for Men and Women

There are new formation groups on campus for those seeking spiritual community outside of student households.

Blessed is She is a organization meant to help build sisterhood between women. They provide various materials to help inform women of their faith such as types of prayer, the persons of God, and the sacraments. Currently, they meet once a week and any woman can join in at any time. Contact Meghan Woodard for more information.

The Ordinary Gentlemen is a men’s small group put on by Jonathan Sperling. The purpose of the Ordinary Gentlemen is to gather men to talk about aspects of life regarding masculinity and heroic virtue. The group is planning on implementing practical skills that men should know, such as shoe-shining and car maintenance in the discussions. For more details, please contact Jonathan Sperling.

Nicol Sperling and Clare Schmidt are beginning another new women’s group on campus. Currently, the group is flexible to the needs of the women on campus who are seeking a spiritual community that is different from the charisms that households have. The new women’s group want to implement practical skills into the group like sewing. They will be officially starting at the beginning of the Summer Quarter.

Hannah Butler will be running the College Women’s Opus Dei Circle on the second Tuesday of every month. The purpose of the group is to help grow and actualize a relationship with God in the midst of daily work. To get in contact with Mrs. Butler, please contact Nicol Sperling or the Rosa Mystica household.

Mrs. Woodard has stated that she wants to put on more events during the quarter such as brunches to help build community. “To build community [in order] to foster virtue and build up our faith is important for Christians.” She is picking up the Blessed Is She group from alumni Chase and Viva Crouse, who originally had the materials and group at JPCatholic.

Mr. Sperling commented on the motivation behind the Ordinary Gentlemen, “I think it’s important for men to have community and to have other men willing to hold them accountable. It’s important on the path to holiness and a closer relationship to God and to have other men in our lives willing to hold us accountable and to share knowledge. It’s important for men in their development to mentor others as well.”

“I’m just really excited that the women are taking initiative and wanting something. I want the community to thrive,” said Nicol Sperling.


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