Business Hub Move Brings Questions

by Giuliana Maola 

Student concerns arise regarding Business Hub move and lack of quiet areas on campus.

Students question where they will be able to go for a quiet area like the Business Hub provided. Though not officially designated as such, the students who needed to work quietly often went to the hub.

“The closed off hub has a very distinct atmosphere of quiet working students. If people are talking there they are usually whispering,” said Humanities major Nancy Gossin. “The library was intended to be a quiet zone, I assume, but since there are no doors and no way to keep noise out it has become one of the busiest ‘hang out’ spots in the school, making it often one of the noisiest spots.”

In an interview on Tuesday afternoon Dr. Connolly said, “There were pressing air conditioning issues in 155 and 200 building[s] that had priority to be repaired over the [the recent] summer recess.” On the relocation Dr. Connolly continued, “I am pushing for the move as soon as possible.”

The hub was scheduled to move to the 200 building over the previous break, but has not officially begun.

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