Film Club Potentially Becoming a Class

Prof. George Simon and the Film Club committee have discussed the potential of Film Club becoming a workshop. “I’m very excited about the prospect of Film Club possibly becoming a class to be taken for credit,” said Prof. Simon. “There hasn’t been any discussion as of yet as to what it will look like, but I think it would be a great opportunity for students.” 

Andrew Koltuniuk, a member of the Film Club committee, expressed that the rest of the club is open to the idea. “One of the things that Prof. Simon wanted was to just collect a little bit of feedback from students on if they would be open to the idea,” said Koltuniuk. 

According Marielle Cuccinelli, a member of the film club committee, if the Film Club were to turn into a class, it would still be available to students who aren’t [enrolled] in the class. She continued to comment that, “As a course, it allows [students] to make it something that they can commit more time to, and also makes it something where we can expand it and do things like script workshops”.

Being a class might also foster more community within Film Club, according to Shalya Millman; “We want it to be a community, instead of just you come and go. I think making it a class would establish that you know who’s in Film Club and you know what it’s for, because you are hanging out with people who want to make movies.”

However, Prof. Dunn, Head of Communications Media, expressed some skepticism of the idea: “The Film Club was created to be an alternative to a class structure…oftentimes, students wanted to do things outside of class that they weren’t permitted because of all the restrictions with the insurance and everything else.” Prof. Dunn continued to point out that, as a club, it wasn’t confined to the ten weeks in a quarter; “That enabled students to do something a little bit higher-quality, because so often the projects that students [make] from classes only have a week to [be completed].”

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