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JPCatholic Sports Promote Active Lifestyle and Community

Weekly frisbee, basketball, volleyball, and soccer games are being held at the university in an attempt to get students more active and foster healthy community.

Isaac Toche started the new Soccer Club on campus. “We all like to play soccer,” he said. “We saw a lack of sports, and there was a lot of drama going around that time. Our idea was if we made this group it would bring more people together, kind of forget about that, and kind of be unifying where it seemed like we were all separated…We created friends where people wouldn’t originally be friends.”

“I think sports in general help physically, but also helps mentally,” agreed Michael Matthews, a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. “It helps to detox…it also helps with problem solving and teamwork…A couple months back we played against TAC, and you could just sense the spirit. I believe sports brings a lot of spirit to universities.”

“It builds character and career-applicable characteristics such as teamwork and leadership,” agreed Junior Mike Hart, “It’s an incredible release valve for when school gets too stressful.”

“Back in my first couple quarters…we had a lot of people coming, 15-20 usually,” said Matthews. “But in the past couple quarters, it’s been very difficult to get people out there.” 

“It’s gonna be hard to consistently get people for anything because people here have so much to do,” agreed Hart. “I think people need to get out.”


Photo by Bro Dominic Smith

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