Shakey’s Pizza Parlor Opens

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Shakey’s Pizza Parlor Opens

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor has opened on the path from Latitude to JPCatholic, proclaiming pizza, happy hour deals, and an arcade seven days a week. 

“Happy Hour is a good time to go,” said Rebecca Knebelsberger. Shakey’s offers a full Happy Hour Menu including pizza, appetizers, and beer. 

“I enjoyed the food. I thought it tasted really good,” Knebelsberger continued. “The customer service was great. They came up to us when we walked in, asked if they needed help explaining the menu and things because it was new. And when there was a mistake that was made on someone else’s order, they corrected it and even gave him a free large pizza!”

Shakey’s also includes a small arcade called the “Fun Zone” where diners can go and play a few classic arcade games and claw machines. Virtual tickets are cashed in for candy and stuffed animals. 


Photo from Shakey’s Pizza Parlor website.

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