Approved or Rejected? Criteria for Senior Film Projects

Last Fall, senior Production student Nicolas Alayo submitted a script to be considered for this year’s senior thesis films. “I was only aware of the types of projects that had been greenlit in the past, but I didn’t really use that as a guideline, I wanted to write something that was more ‘me’ – something I’d be proud and enthusiastic to put hours and hours of my time into.” A follow-up email two weeks later informed him that the project was a “go.” What made his script a good candidate for senior projects? Nicolas conceded, “I have no idea.” Continue reading Approved or Rejected? Criteria for Senior Film Projects

Students Network at Sundance and ASC Open House

JPCatholic students and almuni attended Sundance Film Festival and the annual American Society of Cinematographers Open House Event to network with those who work in the media world.

Four students from JP Catholic’s MBA Film program, Gabe Moore, JJ Schindler, Vince Salerno, and Mary Pelchat, attended the Sundance Film Festival. They were provided tickets through the Windrider Institute, a Christian group which supports Christians in the film industry, particularly students. Professor Tom Dunn, Chair of the Communication Media program at JP Catholic University, was particular about which students would attend. “Since this was JP Catholic’s first year attending, we weren’t sure what to expect. We wanted to make sure the students got the most out of the workshop, but could also contribute strongly to the event. With this parameter in mind, we chose 4 students who had completed their undergraduate degrees here at JP Catholic.” Because these students have been fully immersed in JP Catholic’s curriculum and mission, Professor Dunn knew “they [the students chosen] already had a strong background in story and in discussions.” Dunn expressed interest in expanding the number of students attending the festival next year. Continue reading Students Network at Sundance and ASC Open House

Life in Grover’s Corners

by Renee Montalvo A few weeks ago, about 160 people gathered at JPCatholic to watch the school’s annual theatrical production. This winter’s show was Our Town by Thornton Wilder. The play took place the weekend of November 30th – December 3rd with four showings in the school’s soundstage. The audience included family members of the cast, faculty, students, and several members of the local community. Our … Continue reading Life in Grover’s Corners