Neri Film Festival

by Keenan Wostenberg Neri House will be hosting their first film festival on Sunday, March 10th. Neri Co-Head Matthew Middendorf commented, “Joy is the theme, so whether your film is about joy, trying to obtain joy in some form, or even the absence of joy- it’s up to you. It’s really up to the filmmaker to interpret it.” Neri does not plan on placing any … Continue reading Neri Film Festival

JPCatholic Students Walk for Life

On January 19that 8 am, twenty-five JPCatholic students and their chaplain, Fr. Eleuterio, departed for downtown Los Angeles where they spent the day celebrating life in the 5th annual Archdiocesan OneLife LA event. The event began with a walk from LA Placita Olvera to LA Historic Park, followed by a large festival of food, entertainment, and speakers. It concluded at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the … Continue reading JPCatholic Students Walk for Life