Escondido Tamale Festival to Take Place Saturday, November 3rd

For the fourth year in a row, Escondido will host its annual Tamale festival in Grape Day Park. The festival prides itself on honoring  iconic Latin foods and the traditions that have become standards of Californian culture. Escondido in particular, being heavily influenced by Hispanic and Mexican settlers and their traditions, to this day remains predominantly and proudly hispanic. This communal celebration is a holistic way to let all of us honor these roots. Continue reading Escondido Tamale Festival to Take Place Saturday, November 3rd

Consider the Octopus

Alan Geraci, a lawyer from North County, stood on the corner of North Broadway and West Valley Parkway last Wednesday, preaching to, well, the preachers. The Escondido Democrats had organized a protest against, as the event’s advertising cartoon depicted, the “Rats in our City Hall”. The “rats” are labeled as Mayor Sam Abed, and City Council members Ed Gallo and John Masson, all three of whom are vying for re-election in the upcoming Fall midterms. They face the likes, respectively, of Paul McNamara, Consuelo Martinez, and political newcomer Vanessa Valenzuela. The previously mentioned Alan Geraci is on the ballot for State Assembly. Continue reading Consider the Octopus