Featured Artist: Tom Zupicich

Tom Zupicich is a senior studying  Communications Media with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Nick Jones: What drew you towards going into Screenwriting as an emphasis? Tom Zupicich: While there is an aspect of producing I like, screenwriting is the much more creative aspect that drew me to it, and I guess I’m much more creatively oriented than business oriented. I think thats the best way … Continue reading Featured Artist: Tom Zupicich

Featured Artist: Archibald Turner

by Nick Pini NP: What got you into film? AT: Boredom. Also, I like writing things, and decided to start filming the things that I wrote because just writing is boring. Anybody can sit in their house and write a fan-fiction of Twilight that becomes a billion-dollar franchise but only filmmakers can sit in their house, write a three-hundred-page script and become Australia’s premiere filmmaker. … Continue reading Featured Artist: Archibald Turner

Featured Artist No. 14: Clare McKay

How did you get into directing? Who inspires you? 

CM: I didn’t come to this school for directing. I was originally an acting major. My inspiration however has always been my older brother. He inspires me to tell stories and follow my heart in everything I do. He’s always supported me and I do this for him and everyone else who’s ever had their dreams dissipated by a careless person.
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