Featured Artist: Archibald Turner

by Nick Pini NP: What got you into film? AT: Boredom. Also, I like writing things, and decided to start filming the things that I wrote because just writing is boring. Anybody can sit in their house and write a fan-fiction of Twilight that becomes a billion-dollar franchise but only filmmakers can sit in their house, write a three-hundred-page script and become Australia’s premiere filmmaker. … Continue reading Featured Artist: Archibald Turner

Featured Artist No. 14: Clare McKay

How did you get into directing? Who inspires you? 

CM: I didn’t come to this school for directing. I was originally an acting major. My inspiration however has always been my older brother. He inspires me to tell stories and follow my heart in everything I do. He’s always supported me and I do this for him and everyone else who’s ever had their dreams dissipated by a careless person.
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Featured Artist No. 11: Mary Flynn

NJ:  How did you first get into acting?

MF:  “When I was five I did a tap dancing show, and I always kind of loved making people laugh. But when I was twelve I had a friend [who] died, and I kind of went through this year of just unhappiness…didn’t feel motivated to do things that made me happy, and the thing that motivated me back to happiness was playing the sultan in Aladdin Jr. in eighth grade…I had found the childhood that I had lost after this friend had died.  I think [acting] brings me closer to that childhood that I missed after his death, so I think that’s why I continue doing it.” Continue reading Featured Artist No. 11: Mary Flynn

Featured Artist No. 12: Maria Boas

GR: First and foremost, I would love to start by addressing the fact that you are not just a one trick pony when it comes to your art. So, in which mediums specifically do you work in?

MB: Indeed! I dabble in a bit of everything. I love to draw, especially with traditional pencil and paper and then digitally with a tablet. I also love to sing and write songs and write lyrics to instrumental songs such as Two Steps From Hell.
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