Polish Festival San Diego 2018

In the midst of Oktoberfests, Day of The Dead celebrations, and endless Halloween shindigs, other lesser known gaieties are often shoved under the rug or forgotten about. But fortunately, thanks to the Polish Mission of San Diego, that is not the case for SD Polish Americans. This weekend, October 12-14, St. Maximilian Parish of Pacific Beach hosted its annual Polish Festival, of which I had the great privilege of attending. Continue reading Polish Festival San Diego 2018

Sell Stuff, Make Money, Move Easily.

Finals week is just around the corner, and let’s be real, the impending sense of doom has heightened exponentially as we face not only finals but another move out weekend. Whether we are moving our stuff back home, to a storage unit, or the car, there is packing that needs to get done. If you are stressed about the amount of stuff you are going to have to lug through hallways and down staircases, consider downsizing. Here are several ways to lessen the number of boxes you have to move. Continue reading Sell Stuff, Make Money, Move Easily.

Beach Ultimate Sunday

The JPCatholic Ultimate Club is provides one of the more popular events at the university. Sophomore business student Rebecca Knebelsberger said, “I enjoy playing every week because I love sports and also because I get to meet and interact with different people. To me the club builds community as well as strength, physical and mental. I think it is so important to be active and to have fun while doing it.” Continue reading Beach Ultimate Sunday

Explore Hiking Trails Outside of Escondido

Lagoon Trail at Pelican Road is a short trail in the south part of Carlsbad. The trail makes a loop around a neighborhood and runs along Batiquitos Lagoon. For a view of the ocean, hikers can take a detour on Batiquitos Trail. This trail takes hikers on top of a small hill where they can view the whole lagoon as well as the ocean that feeds into the area. Continue reading Explore Hiking Trails Outside of Escondido