Explore Hiking Trails Outside of Escondido

Lagoon Trail at Pelican Road is a short trail in the south part of Carlsbad. The trail makes a loop around a neighborhood and runs along Batiquitos Lagoon. For a view of the ocean, hikers can take a detour on Batiquitos Trail. This trail takes hikers on top of a small hill where they can view the whole lagoon as well as the ocean that feeds into the area. Continue reading Explore Hiking Trails Outside of Escondido

JPCatholic Alumnus joins the Air Force

Christopher McCarthy graduated from John Paul the Great Catholic University in 2017 with a Bachelor degree in Communications Media. He works in the United States Air Force as an ‘AMMO Troop’, a Munitions Systems specialist dealing with ammunition or explosives. McCarthy is stationed at the Aviano Air Base in Italy, working with fighter jets. The job also involves a lot of back-end paperwork, computer-based training, forklift driving, and munitions assembly. Continue reading JPCatholic Alumnus joins the Air Force

Featured Artist: Ella Negri

Ella Negri spent two years working after high school to prepare for a move from Michigan to Los Angeles. She knew that she wanted to work in movies, and she believed that moving to Hollywood was the first step. “I went through discernment in high school and looked at other options, but my whole life, I knew there wasn’t any plan B for me. Movies is where I was supposed to be.” Ella had everything set up for the move, but her LA apartment and every back-up fell through right before she was supposed to leave. Knowing she didn’t want to stay in Michigan, she quickly made a decision to attend JPCatholic without visiting the campus or meeting any students. Her only expectation was that it would be hot in California. 
Continue reading Featured Artist: Ella Negri

“Biff Tannen” Gives Advice From His Artistic Past to the Artists of the Future

Tom Wilson, actor most notably known for playing Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future Trilogy, and Paul Rugg, voice actor and puppeteer known for Ana-maniacs and Freakazoid, visited the students of John Paul The Great Catholic University to share their personal stories of being Catholic artists and working in the industry. Continue reading “Biff Tannen” Gives Advice From His Artistic Past to the Artists of the Future